Sunday, October 2, 2011

First Post!

What is the point of this blog? No idea! There is no specific point except that I believe I am occasionally brilliant, insightful, or funny. Or my lack of insight or brilliance is funny. I will attempt to limit my use of exclamation marks in this blog - we'll see how that goes.

For now I'm caught in the trap of blog adding. Right off, while making my blog, I realized that I could add others that I like to read. Ooh! I have those... I actually don't have that many, but upon looking through the ones I like, I noticed their links to blogs they like and the horrible trap was sprung. Worse than the wiki-trap. (when you go on wikipedia to look something up and find interesting link after interesting link - and spend an hour instead of 5 minutes proving your husband wrong about something extremely crucial. Okay, not everyone is on wiki for that reason, but 85% of the time I am.) Now I've found even more blogs to add to my list - blogs that I've only just skimmed over and may never read again....

And just to be even more stream of consciousness (I'm sure I can use that as an adjective), I now want to steal a few tips from the Harbinger himself on being able to mouse over text and show other text, so that I don't have to keep adding all of these parentheses when I want to add the commentary in my head.

So, bad habits I may need to break for this blog! Over use of exclamation points! Over use of ellipses.... Using dashes - instead of proper punctuation. I should be okay on emoticons :). I don't use them too much for writing. Making up my own fanfreakintastic adjectives! Nah - you'll have to get used to those. Saying 'so very' too often. You'll see, that's hard for me to avoid. I think that's it... will probably keep some bad habits for 'voice'. And will picture making bunny ears with my fingers every time I use 'quotes'.

So, I'm ready to have a million blogs in my read list, feel free to send me suggestions and look at my list  - I have some good ones, but not nearly enough yet. Now to add my Eclipse blogs. I'll explain those later, if you read some now, they'd look kind of like fan fic for a universe you know nothing about - unless you play Eclipse. (Yeah, dashes as punctuation may have to stay.... we'll see.)

V - signing off!